Helpful information on managing your Bip account.

Managing Your Bip

As a responsible lender, your account will be reviewed to make sure it's affordable before the Bip team agree to increase your limit. If you manage your Bip account well, it’s more likely that your limit can be raised.

Make sure you stay on top of your Bip account. If you go over your credit limit or miss a payment, your credit limit may be decreased.

If you want to change your credit limit, chat to the Bip team in the app.

You can change your credit limit preference in the Bip app in My account.

This is on your statements and in your Bip app in My account.

There can only be one person on your Bip account.

You'll never be asked for your details in an email. If someone ever asks for this or you’re worried about what’s in our emails, chat to the Bip team in your Bip app.

A Third Party Permission (TPP) can provide you with many services, typically through other apps, including accessing your account information online and initiating payments from your Bip account. If a TPP is only asking for information about your account, we will assume you have consented to us providing them with the requested information.

You can manage which TPPs have access to your account information via my account > app settings > third party permissions. If the TPP is a card issuer who asks us to confirm whether you have sufficient credit for it to initiate a card payment from your account, we will only do so if you have given us your explicit consent to provide information to that particular TPP.

Although you must not, generally, give your security details to anyone else, you may give them to a TPP if it is necessary to do so to initiate a payment.

A copy of your Credit Card Agreement is in your Bip app inbox. You can see this any time your account is open.  You can also request a copy by calling 0330 838 0115*.

The terms of using your Bip app are found in need help.

There are some transactions where the final price can still be unknown when you agree to it. When you book a hotel or hire a car, for example. When this happens the retailer will try to make sure you have enough money by reserving, or blocking, funds in your account. This is called a preauthorised transaction and results in your available balance going down without any money coming out of your account. It is not classed as a transaction.

Only the exact amount you have authorised will be blocked with the retailer. Once the actual transaction value has been confirmed, the money will be released from your Bip to the retailer.

Neither Apple or Google send your real Bip details to the merchant when you make a payment. And your details aren’t stored on your phone either.

Chat to the Bip team in your Bip app to get help closing your account.

Make sure you tell us your new address before you move house. You can change your personal details in My account.

Information about your Bip is sent to and stored on your device. So you need to take steps to help prevent any of your devices that have Bip being used for fraud.

Make sure you always keep your devices safe and secure with security settings like passcodes, PINs, fingerprint ID or facial recognition ID. Don’t give your security details to anyone else and don’t register anyone else’s fingerprint or face.

If you’re giving away a device or switching to a new one, make sure you delete Bip first. You’ll also need to download the Bip app to a new device before you can use it.

*Calls are charged at a standard national rate. Call costs from mobiles and other operators may vary so please check before calling. Our lines are open 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday. 9am to 5pm Saturday. Calls may be recorded and monitored for training and security purposes and to help us manage your account.

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