How it works

Credit power and control. All from your phone.

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Set up and go

Get the app. Apply. If you’re accepted, you’re ready to go.


Check your eligibility​

Check your eligibility without impacting your credit rating.


Download and apply

If you’ve checked your eligibility and are likely to be approved, continue your application by downloading the app.


Add to Apple Pay or Google Pay

You will get the decision of your application in the app. If approved, set up Bip in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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Good to go

You’ll see everything you need to make a purchase in the app, including your unique 16 digit Bip number. Spend online or in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How It Works Apple Pay

How to  spend


Find your Bip number, expiry date and CVV on the app. Grab and drop your details into the payment section in your basket.


Apple Pay / Google Pay

Make secure purchases online or in-store within minutes of setup. Add Bip to your Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re ready to go.


You can spend above £100 in many stores using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Safe and secure payments  

Bip is supported by Mastercard which means it has the standard fraud prevention and purchase protections you’d get with a regular credit card. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also both safe and secure ways of making contactless purchases, and just as easy as plastic.

Safe Check Eligibility

Cardless credit you control

Get control of your credit with Bip's features.

Bip Chat
24/7 support

In-app messaging means that you’ll always have support in your back pocket. You’ll get the answer you need. No fluff.

Bip App spending caps
Spending caps

Set you own spending caps to help you keep in control of your spending each month. Turn on a warning cap to get an alert when you hit your cap. Or a freeze cap to stop your spending dead.

​Balance overview
Instant balance

Everything you need in one place makes staying in control simple. Track and see your spending, check if you are approaching your limits, or see if a payment is due. All with instant balance updates.

Boost payment slider
Boosted payments

See how much you could save your future self by paying more off each month. Use the in-app payment slider to easily compare boosted payments against your contractual minimum.

See if you’re eligible for Bip.

With no impact to your credit rating.

Check my eligibility

29.9% APR

Apple Pay Icon Google Pay Icon Mastercard Icon
Apple Pay Icon Google Pay Icon Mastercard Icon
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